Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lamar Odom sentiments

Hearing the news that Lamar Odom is brain dead, passed away or close to death is sad to hear. But. Most of us who knew of Lamar when he was winning championships with the Lakers in 09', or knew him at Rhode Island in college knew something like this was bound to happen. None of us outside the Kardashian bubble wanted him to be involved with any of the bullshit thst goes along with  that but like a good mother or best friend we stood by waiting for him to come out of it. The Kardashians used him up. Idc who you are, when there is nothing inside to give and yet people are still taking and expecting the outcome is never good. Now, I am not saying they caused all of this or that they are to blame. What I am saying is that an inner city kid with no mother, a drug dependant father, someone with obvious behavior and mental inabilities was again set up to fail. America as always just capitalizes on the faulty foundation. It might go further. As the highlights of this Black Male Sports Figure plays off in my head I am forced to connect his demise and the current race debate we are having. When I say debate you would think it would be a simple conversation but its not. In fact racial equality is such a complicated talk that no one wants to speaks the same language. But thats not what I wanted to remark about.

What I wanted to analogize was this: The Kardashians are the system running this nation and Lamar Odom is the Black people, culture and its variants. Brain dead, Keep the body strong, take the mind. Its not white vs black. I can guarantee, even if they were the staunchest racist, that no one you know is in that 1%. America the beautiful is dying. America the business is about to reveal herself.

"Hence, both the horse and the nigger shall be broken. That is breaking them from one form of mantal life to another, KEEP THE BODY, TAKE THE MIND. In other words take the will to resist"

- Willie Lynch

Flash Mar

Your vote doesn't fucking matter

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roller Coaster

I'm on a roller coaster
This life is a roller coaster
Merika swimming in a pool
While this life is a fucking ocean
Consumed by concoctions
Brainwashing and fucking potions
This life is a roller coaster
Some of y'all ain't even coastin
Ruled by ya fears and stunted by a failures
Just bc you failed before doesn't mean that you're a failure
Let me tell ya
You're not defined in one moment
If that was the case
most of us would be dead foe it

Stand up
In the mirror don't Reflect a pagan
Jump every hurdle
Exceed every expectation
Put that fear in a choke hold
Strangle till life leaves its eyes
Stand up dust off
let that lie lay where it lies
Don't stand paralyzed
See clears
Every negative thought bat it back
Take your vision steal theirs
I call that a cataract
I love life
Living it is this kids past time
I've done the worst of the worst
That's just my past time
This life is a roller coaster
I'm rolling on this road just coastin
Anything that I consider potent
Formulate it inside
Express yaself and watch it form
Mediocrity is a trick
Take a step above the norm
Not conform transform
What you worried about your mans for
All these acronym gangs
Man what does that stand for
Better yet who do you stand for

I wonder LIVE

I wonder (Live)

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The arrival of Flash-Mar

Quick explanation on the stage name

Marquise and day day don't know each other but they both somehow gave me the same nickname. I met day day when I was 14-15 and was in love with the idea of God. I met marquise when I was 22-23, when I was in rehab. Pills and promethazine. I couldn't of been further away from Him at that point. Day day alive today but was taken from me all the same. Queese died before I got out of rehab. Shot up in the ville. I will always hold both of them  I'm my heart.

The nickname was The Flash
Once upon a time I was quick and I still talk too fast when I get nervous or excited.

Mar is short for Marley. I've always been apart of the Lion Order. Riches beyond this earth. My God, my zodiac sign and my love for the biggest cats. I am a lion. I have this idea that each zodiac group comes from a different planet which is why they tend to act similar. I don't think I've ever read a zodiac of a Leo that didn't explain me.

I am the watcher of the city
Awake before all
Silent silouette
As I straddle the wall


Saturday, October 10, 2015

The reuniting will not be televised

I was reminded by a sister of the cause that The revolution will not be televised. Unity is key my people. Black, white, Hispanic etc. You are all my people if you believe that through radical change we can make THE difference. Change how you view what you think to be your enemy, or your oppressor. Change how you view yourself today. Love yourself and the skin that you are in my people. Whatever life circumstances brought you to read this, whenever you are reading this know there is another person who is crazy enough to think he can change the world. I just hope you come fuck with me. 


I Wonder

I wonder what would happen If we all came together
If we flew like a skein or flocked like the feathers
I wonder what would happen
If unity was contagious
If we endeared each others differences
and study each others faces
Not as races
But as art in motion as
The Designer set us out to be
If I said once I said it twice
Lucy, she has it out for me
Me is you, you is us
She 'd love to drop us from a balcony
So stop flexing off the perfection
That is an antiquated alchemy

I wonder what would happen
If we focused on things that held strong
Like telling your brother "Ill be there"
Rather than texting your sister "hold on"

I wonder what would happen
If the old trusted the young
If we would ignite a child's mind
rather than curbing their tongue
I wonder

I wonder why we must attend dens
That charge you and me and fee
When the power is in the people
And the community is free
I wonder

I wonder
But we would rather sharecrop our dream
And buy into a scheme
That leaves those we don't see
Interjecting the philosophy of CREAM

WU-TANG couldn't of said it better
But the truth always been found in that red letter
Manual Shift
66 chambers and cannons
Life and how to handle it
Jars of Clay
Scrolls and documented manuscripts

I wonder if you know that all of you are on a blacklist
And the difference between
You and Yaweh in a palace
Has nothing to do with whether
You know Elijah was John the Baptist

I wonder if you know that in his house
There is a place for you
Where your short coming have been blotted out
And mistakes erasable

I wonder what would happen
If we operated without fear
If when lifes lights shone brightest
We weren't stagnant as deer
I wonder
My peers I wonder

I wonder if you know
That God doesn't bless you through a TV or a phone
Its days in his word
And nights with your knees on his throne

I wonder when good will come unattached from a promotion ride
I wonder when radical change will take the place of an emotional high
You see an emotional peak is something that happens between the sheets
And worship is the fathers so we shouldn't fiend for the release

I wonder

I wonder if the elders know
In their hands they can influence or crush a soul
Time is wasted on "Did you know"
Or the tunics that they chose
Because before you or El Roi
Can forget time and bask in his glory
The ONE who see all
Has to reveal the veil on your origin story

I wonder what the reel will look like from the casket to birth
I have read about a story in a book that states
The last shall be first.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere

Without God in my life I wouldn't be here.
Without the vision he instilled I wouldn't see clear.
My brothers and sisters, We are brothers and sister tonight Are we clear?
This is my first footing this stage but this is no premiere
This is more like Revere Paul galloping as fast as he can go.
Cold, Fall wind icicles forming on the stallions nose
Paul sick of the thought of the sight of seeing those battalion rows
He would have killed that horse to let you know the adversary was at the door
I think you know what I am here for.
Without God in my life i wouldn't make it
Tent of Samson Mind of Saul Heart of David
Yall I'm crazy
But HE, HE is amazing
HE will pick you out of darkness and place you in his
Rays.In turn
All he wants is love and trust unconditional
To me that wasn't difficult
I fell in love anytime my inbox was full
I was an imbecile
A beast controlled by the rise of his loins
Self esteem always matched the size of my coin
When validation comes from the eyes of your boys
I was stuck set in a life classified as seek and destroy


Without God I'd be empty
No gas in my tank No spokes in my ten speed
No air in my tire
Without God I'm expired
A conniving glutton A selfish man-child
Without God I'm a liar
I'm probably on fire frying 20,000 leagues away from my Messiah
While my hind parts glaze in the lake of fire
Head looking to some demon calling him sire (he's medieval)
Because I already would of been dead when my Suby did that spiral
This is where it gets vital
That video never went viral because I recorded it with my eyes closed
Now let me tell you my role; Idle
Eyes dull barren hull Scales leached these orbs of light
Feces not coagulated and there was no oar in sight
Without God I was a sinking ship
Pushed from here to there as the waves claimed me
Sin's sentiment was intimate and was looking for her baby
I promise, To be honest I wasn't sure how much time I had left
Because it is well known that when sin is full grown it always brings death

Not was left

But then again, You see, everything was right
I was broken and open
Which released the Surgeon to put me under that knife
I acknowledged the ailment
No orcas but I was wailing
Months in the Wilderness delivery ward with a team not accustomed to failing
Please believe
When you believe and trust in him we sailing
Waves of circumstances Seem to not alter your precision
When aiming at the mark we all call our existence
Past things good riddance
Footing never skiddish
God in ever decision
New found glory and a vision
I pray you don't put an end on this here sentence
To the ends of the earth he sent us
To call every nation to repentance
Do you listen
Or are we separated by a schism
Gifts were given to be risen as a prism
Yet they bind us like a prison

What is it?

The adversary is at the door,  not interested in your things or your money 
The adversary is at the door,  charming conniving and cunning
The adversary is at the door, teeth set on edge for my youngin
The adversary is at the door, the red coats are coming!